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If you want a thing done right . . . June 9, 2009

Posted by ozsomesuccess in Business Success, Law of Attraction.
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When it looked like a choreographer was NOT about to materialize, I worked all day Monday to figure out the choreography for the Tango part of “Your Surrender is Your Gift” from “The Passion of Persephone.” I studied the little 5-minute series of lessons on You Tube called “Dario’s Tango Guide,” and out of that, strung together a series of steps that would work. I even added a few steps that weren’t included in those lessons, but which are more dramatic, including a couple of moves from Al Pacino’s dance in “Scent of a Woman.”

THEN, I wrote it all down! I created a chart with the coordinates marked like a clock, so as to make clear which directions we would be either facing or traveling at any given time. I don’t know dance notation, so I had to improvise. But one advantage to this is it’ll enable me to remember everything so I don’t get confused as I teach Chris the steps. AND it’ll give HIM a memory jog to internalize the pattern after the actual rehearsal is over.

We’ll be performing it, both singing and dancing, Wednesday night at Art-O-Matic in DC, on Half Street near Nationals’ Stadium. We arrive at 6, and start as soon as we’re set up.

SO: Sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself!

AND: When you do, you find that you’re better than you think you are.