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100 Internet Marketers, No Waiting May 17, 2010

Posted by ozsomesuccess in Business Success, Law of Attraction.
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I was supposed to go to my high school alma mater in Connecticut for their reunion weekend this past Friday.

So how did I end up in Philadelphia, at a convention of internet marketers, instead?

It was a last-possible-second decision. After a very hectic Thursday morning, I managed to catch the last half-hour of a “Business Growth Expo” put on by the Baltimore Business Journal.

And there, I ran across an old acquaintance from my former life during my ill-fated career as a real estate investor, back when I was still married to Dennis.

As has now been my custom since December of 2009, I was walking around the exhibit hall wearing my trademark brand, the 1940s lady-detective outfit, to promote my public-speaking and forthcoming books, “Mr. Right, Mr. Lame, or Mr. Hyde?” and “Cool Girl, or Neurotic Nellie?”

This old acquaintance knew some of my history, and had been tracking my career from a distance since 2005. But seeing me this time, in my outfit with my killer elevator speech (“your perfect career and your perfect love shouldn’t be a Big Mystery!”), he spotted the kind of talent he was looking for.

He pulled me aside as the trade show was packing up. He told me about an event that was happening this same weekend as the reunion, where a whole lot of online business people would be getting together to discuss their projects and find out how they could help each other out as Joint-Venture Partners (aka JVPs).

Somehow, he instinctively knew that I’d been praying for just such an opportunity, to assemble a Mastermind Team around me to coordinate my career. But it would mean I’d have to miss the reunion.

What were the odds of my finding the kinds of connections I sought, at the reunion? What was the highest and best use of my time? Where was I most likely to be “in the right place, at the right time”?

I decided that this was the Law of Attraction in Action, serendipitously bringing me what I’d been asking for, in this unexpected way.

Making arrangements for care-coverage of my daughter turned out to be ridiculously easy — no hassles, no obstacles. Within the hour, everything was set up and I was clear to go, as if I was supposed to be there.

That same night, there I was in Philly. On a free ticket, yet — my old acquaintance got me in.

Friday morning, about 65 people were in the room, and more would be arriving on Saturday. (Women were distinctly in the minority.) Ken McArthur, during his keynote address, allowed some time for people in the audience to come to the front and tell a little bit about their projects, and say what kind of people they were looking to partner with. (This was something like the model used for BNI meetings.)

Here was a chance to make myself known right away — all I needed was a little chutzpah. I was again dressed in my detective’s trenchcoat and fedora, and needed to make it clear that even though I was a newbie, I was not an out-of-place clueless freak among all these savvy internet marketers, that I could hold my own with the best of ’em.

So when it came my turn, I took a very deadpan, gumshoe approach. Holding my convention badge up beside my face as if it were a law-enforcement ID, I said:

“Mr. McArthur, I’m Special Agent Rosanna Tufts of OZ-Some Success.” Then, pulling out my magnifying glass from my coat pocket — “I’m investigating the murder of the American Dream. I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

It worked — Ken, who didn’t know me from Eve, was nonplussed, and the crowd erupted in appreciative laughter! Had the whole room at Hello!

As the two days wore on, there were about a dozen speakers (the best-known of these was Joel Comm, author of “Twitter Power” and “The AdSense Code”) as well as a copywriters’ panel and HotSeat experiences where hand-picked attendees would get the chance to have their internet-business ideas picked apart and improved by a panel of experts.

As is true of almost any seminar, the speeches were pitch-fests, but nobody was forcing me to “buy” anything — I could just take notes and pick and choose what makes the most sense for what I need at this time of my life,

But the REAL action took place during the breaks, during lunches and dinners, and out in the hallways. That’s when you would get to talk one-on-one with people who could help you. The key here is to not focus so much on yourself and your own project, but to listen to THEIRS to see how you can help. Out of this Spirit of Giving, Joint Ventures are created.

Despite being a newcomer and not very experienced yet, I WAS able to help at least one person! I met a man who had created a special cream for rehabilitating skin that had experienced traumatic injury or was afflicted with “venous insufficiency.” I gave him direction on how he could get a higher profile for his product, telling him of resources and opportunities in his local area that he wasn’t aware existed.

And thanks to my knockout presentation on Friday morning, I was cherry-picked to be in a documentary, along with 5 other people, tracking our progress over the next 2 years, “starting from zero.”

It was an amazing thing, being in a roomful of 100 entrepreneurs, all focused with great ideas, all bent on taking control of their own destiny — and almost none of them were pie-in-the-sky chasers. I had thrown up a thought to the Universe, saying that I didn’t want to have friends who had convinced themselves they were doomed to live crappy lives because of the “hand” they’ve been dealt, that instead I wanted to associate with people who believe they can overcome anything.

For one weekend, I got to feel what that is like. And it won’t be the last.