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rtufts_241sm3My name is Rosanna Tufts, and I gave this Blog the same name as my popular playshop that uses the Three Companions from The Wizard of OZ as tools for YOUR success in life.

Although I’ll post announcements about coming-up stuff that I’ll be doing, this page isn’t just “all about me.” 

Here you will find stories about people I meet, who are living examples of principles I write about in my book — whether for good or ill — so YOU can begin applying those same principles right away.  

I am the author of “Don’t Start a Business without ME!”, a voice-over artist, a public speaker, a soprano, and composer of the world’s first Bondage-and-Discipline Rock Opera, “The Passion of Persephone.” Links to my Voice-Over site, my Rock Opera site, and my other social-media profiles are clickable on the right-hand side of this blog. 

To book me as a Public Speaker for YOUR group, write me at ozsome.success@gmail.com.

To rocket YOUR business to success, even if (or especially if!) you’re just starting out, Go to www.RosannasInnerCircle.com for an Oz-some video. I will be accepting a select number of qualified students into the Prosperity Alliance program. See it now!



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