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Women’s Expo Recap, Part I: How to Attract a Crowd and Make Them LOVE It March 15, 2011

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WOW. After last year’s monsoon rains, this year’s Women’s Expo was blessed with perfect weather – and I was ready, making a big impact. Thanks to The Sign Mama, who made a fabulous 6-foot vertical banner for my booth, promoting my new book, “WINDFALL!! Taming the Jealousy Monster when You or a Relative Comes Into Money.”

From my position on the floor, I could hear how the acoustics of the hall affected the results from the PA system for the Speakers’ Program – and quickly figured out that if you talked too fast, your words would be lost. So when it came my turn, I was careful to take my pace down, so my words would have time to “land.” My topic was handwriting analysis, and the audience was enthusiastic, laughing in all the right places.

As soon as I was done, my booth was swarmed with customers, eager to take me up on my offer of a free, on-the-spot handwriting analysis. From then on, until closing, they lined up like I was a land office! Once word got around at how incredibly accurate my assessments were, they told all their friends: “You gotta go see this lady!”

Kudos to my daughter Lily, only 11, who played the role of Faithful Assistant, instructing the waiting people on how to fill out the form. I could not have managed without her. Here’s some of the highlights from the samples I saw:

  • A lady with the “determination” trait. I asked her if she’d had to overcome a major physical challenge. She said she’d gotten herself off of drugs! “Goddess bless you,” I said, “Congratulations!”
  • A lady with an extremely erratic slant. I guessed (correctly) that she had a sugar addiction. “You can’t control your moods because the sugar is controlling you. It’s in the driver’s seat.” She confirmed that she was pre-diabetic, and I sent her to one of the health-and-wellness exhibitors for help with detox.
  • Two different ladies (who came to my booth independently of each other) with the “perfectionist” trait. When I mentioned this, all their friends burst out laughing!
  • Several people with “stubbornness issues” – I taught them how to shift that trait from stubbornness to true “persistence,” which will always get you the better deal.
  • Two people with “blind persistence” – I showed them a trait that would encourage greater flexibility.

The vast majority of the women I sampled had prominent “middle zone” writing, showing a focus on the day-to-day immediate concerns of life. The few men who took me up on my free offer, were more consistent in showing capacity for longer-range planning. Two women showed a very good balance between mundane activities and higher executive functioning, as well as being healthily grounded in their bodies.

Go to www.RosannaTufts.com, where you can not only order my “WINDFALL!” book, you can also get a FREE report on what these and other handwriting traits mean: “YD-RW — Your Destiny, Re-Writable!”

Stay tuned for Part Deux of the Women’s Expo Recap . . .

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